What’s Wrong with my Phone? Cell Phone Pests

A common sight for many U.S. Galaxy S users. (Nicholas Rizzi/CUNY)

Cell phones have become pocket-sized versions of PCs, and, some argue, work better than their larger brothers. They can provide directions, and play music and videos when they work right. However, when they don’t work properly, they can become pests that live in your pocket.

From smaller issues like dropped calls, to bigger problems like giving away confidential information, cell phones can become nuisances very easily.

Here’s some recent stories where cell phones and cell phone companies went wrong:

  • The FCC fined Verizon Wireless $25 million dollars, the FFC’s largest in history, after they found Verizon added data charges to costumers without data plans for over three years. Verizon will pay a minimum of $58.2 million dollars in refunds.
  • Some banking apps for the iPhone and Android phones were found to have security flaws that allow criminals to easily steal banking information. The companies are issuing updates to their apps to fix the issue.
  • Consumer Reports found that Apple’s iPhone 4 lost signal and dropped calls when held in a certain way. The site gave the phone a “do not buy” rating and Apple eventually gave away free cases to fix the problem.
  • The high-selling Samsung Galaxy S series of Android phones shipped with the GPS broken. The GPS wouldn’t lock onto satellites, causing many applications like Google Navigation to become useless. The company rolled out patches to fix the GPS, but didn’t completely fix the problem for some.

Is your phone acting up?

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