Brooklyn Students Give Passing Marks to Failing School

Nationwide there are significant concerns surrounding educational reform. Parents have trouble navigating the system successfully for the long-term benefit of their children, making the current state of public education a pest.

In New York City, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is trying to make every school a good option by closing or transforming public schools identified as “persistently lowest achieving.”

Sheepshead Bay High School in South Brooklyn, has been labeled as a low performing school since 2001 when the No Child Left Behind Act was signed into law.

After receiving a quality review by the Department of Education, Sheepshead Bay High will soon find out what changes are in store. The city might close the school or turn it into several smaller charter schools.

While these changes might be efficient for improving the system, they will ultimately affect students the most; and students may not agree with the DOE assessment.

Three students in their senior year talk about how Sheepshead Bay High School is not low achieving, despite what tests show.

In anticipation for her last high school Homecoming, Jamile wishes outsiders’ perceptions of the school could change.

Jamile Henlon by elisestrada

Active in student government, sports, and volunteer organizations, Dimo demystifies the reality of a “persistently lowest achieving” public school.
Dimo Koutsogiannopoulos by elisestrada

With goals of going to college and writing books, Ashley thinks Sheepshead Bay High has served her well.
Ashley Daley by elisestrada
After School-Natsound by elisestrada

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